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Legal Wills & Successions in Baton Rouge, LA

The Attorneys at Balfour Emonet Law Firm, LLC Help with Wills & Successions

Do you have a plan for what will happen to your property after you die? It's not something that people like to think about, but not having a will can lead to a lot of emotional distress for your loved ones. Balfour Emonet Law Firm, LLC will help you draft a will so you can be at peace with the plan that is put into place. There are numerous benefits to having a will, including:

  • Leaving property to who you choose
  • Planning for personal matters
  • Appointing a guardian for any children

You can also make any changes to your will while you are well. Call 225-214-4484 today to start the process of creating a legal will in the Baton Rouge, LA area.

We're Prepared for Successions & Creating Trusts in Baton Rouge

If your loved one didn't leave a legal will, our attorneys are available to help you through the succession process. Succession is the process of settling a deceased person's estate and distributing the property after all debts are paid. We can also talk with you about creating a trust to assist someone else after your passing. Contact Balfour Emonet Law Firm for legal advice involving wills and succession.