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College kids make mistakes. It’s part of growing up and learning. Unfortunately, those errors in judgment can have a lasting effect on your permanent record or career. Balfour Emonet Law Firm, LLC | Baton Rouge, has criminal defense attorneys who are ready to support your case. We are prepared to deal with your charges, including:

  • DUI and DWI
  • Drug possession
  • Possession by a minor


We can help with your case involving campus or federal crimes, as well. Attorney Kelly E. Balfour works hard to keep any charges from landing on your permanent record and affecting your ability to attend school. Call 225-214-4484 today to speak with a criminal defense lawyer about your case.


Criminal Law Attorney in Baton Rouge, LA

You'll Be Well Defended in Your Criminal Case

While working to establish your defense, we’ll keep your best interests in mind. We’ll discuss any options with you as far as considering a plea deal, preparing for trial or seeking dismissal of the charges. Get the legal advice you need from a criminal defense lawyer in the Baton Rouge, LA area.

How Will a Criminal Arrest Affect Your Future?

One of the first questions we hear when sitting down with college students and others facing criminal charges is "How will this impact my future?" The short answer is, it depends on a variety of factors.

Although the circumstances of each case differ, one universal is that a stain on your criminal record can follow you for years. That is why it is important to secure representation, understand what you're up against, and aggressively defend your immediate and future interests with help from a criminal defense attorney.

The Legal Skill and Insight To Help You Succeed

Everyone knows about potential jail time, fines, community service and probation, but if you are arrested and convicted, numerous other consequences can have lasting effects on your future.

At Balfour Emonet, we know what's at stake:

  • Your future ability to apply for jobs
  • Opportunities to get into college or graduate school
  • Remaining enrolled at your current college or university
  • Your future ability to apply for student housing or an apartment
  • Opportunities to study abroad
  • Your chances of retaining or receiving athletic or academic scholarships

Two key words recur in the above list: future and opportunity. As your representatives, that's precisely what we strive to protect. With years of experience handling all types of criminal defense cases - including those involving college students and young people - we know what it takes to build criminal defense strategies that discreetly and effectively protect our clients' legal, personal, professional and future interests.

Feel Confident Knowing Your Future is in Skilled Hands with Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

Whether you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, we encourage you to take the first step and reach out to us at Balfour Emonet. We are a local Baton Rouge, Louisiana, practice with lawyers and staff who are committed to serving our area communities. By combining years of experience and a personal approach, we are confident that you will come away from our initial meeting feeling safer and well-protected.

Take action and call us at 225-214-4484. You can also reach us via email by completing our online contact form. We are responsive and will make ourselves available when you need us.